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Will Microdosing makes you smarter?

Taking tiny quantities of psychedelic drugs like mushrooms can help gain a brain boost. People who Microdose are calmer and makes them more productive, creative and more focussed.

Studies show that magic mushroom in controlled doses can enhance the mind.

Why we Microdose?

People do not Microdose to get high because a Microdose is typically 1/20th to 1/10th of a regular dose of psychedelics. 

People Microdose to self-medicate certain health conditions such as depression, ADHD or chronic pain. 

What are effects of Microdosing?

Studies are still being conducted but do suggest that Microdosing could enhance creativity and improve mood. These reports are still coming in and still can be considered inaccurate. 

What do we know about Microdosing?

Researchers have been using placebo controlled studies to produce real findings on potential benefits of Microdosing psychedelics.Studies are still new but testing positive. 

What does science say about Microdosing?

Science does say that Microdosing can improve creativity and mood. Even though more research is required it is safe to say that Microdosing magic mushrooms has positive benefits and will be a growing force for our future.

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