According to recent research, there were no significant effects on any driving capabilities and vital signs after smoking cannabis rich in CBD. The impact was even clearer even when the participants exceeded the THC levels in their blood. The researchers aimed at investigating the effects of taking marijuana products rich in CBD on driving safety.  

The possible risks that may arise while consuming marijuana rich in CBD were also investigated to offer the information to the drivers. With this study, the relevant authorities get a chance to learn more about road safety even with smoking marijuana rich in CBD. According to the report, no major differences in the impact of smoking CBD-rich marijuana under stressful situations.

Besides, there were no reported cases of the effects on driving ability even a few hours after smoking CBD-rich marijuana. Here, the participants’ blood samples were taken to confirm if they were above the legal requirement for driving with THC in their blood system. After smoking, the tests were done to check whether the THC, CBD, and THC-metabolites levels were within legal driving limits.

 The survey was done on different ages between 18 and 30 years to investigate the driving safety of both placebo and CBD-rich marijuana consumption among men and women. The assessments were meant to measure and examine attitude relevance to road safety to aid in making well-informed decisions regarding an individual’s driving ability. With the assessments, the driver’s ability to react under complex situations is determined by comparing the geometric figures. According to the report, there were no major differences in reaction time for CBD-rich marijuana and placebo smokers.

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