A recent study shows that young people who consume marijuana and alcohol have improved sexual performance and better orgasms than those who abstain. The scientific research on the effects of drinking alcohol and sexual functioning is contradictory. This is why the team of researchers came up with a new study to analyze these effects by conducting three major surveys. 

The surveys were majorly meant to detect changes in one’s sexual functioning and the potential risks associated with drinking alcohol and marijuana use. The survey showed that the sexual function of young people who frequently consume cannabis and alcohol was better than their counterparts. Young people exposed to a high risk of consuming cannabis and moderate alcohol use have improved sexual functioning, arousal, increased desire, and orgasms. 

The Journal Healthcare stated that the improvement plays a huge role in reducing fear and shame among the youths and facilitating sexual relationships. The survey also showed that cannabis users had a higher rating on sexual functioning, orgasms, and arousals than non-users. Similarly, people who mostly use cannabis reported increased sexual functioning and top arousal ratings compared to moderate users. 

Moderate and intense users still didn’t show differences in the desires and orgasms effects. The survey finding showed that frequent use of marijuana helped enhance the overall sexual functioning across all genders. For alcohol consumption, there were no significant variations in the sexual function or arousal ratings. Heavy alcohol consumers recorded a higher rating on the overall sexual functioning and the arousal ratings than non-alcoholics.

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