Finding the Best Mushrooms for Dogs to Boost Their Health

Many pet owners turn to natural supplements — e.g., mushrooms, CBD oils, probiotics, and more — for an extra boost to their dogs’ nutrition.
Truth is, you want to do everything possible to ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy. Because while traditional pet foods are great, they don’t always provide the nutrients your dog needs to thrive.
Mushrooms are known for their numerous health benefits. For instance, it’s a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
If you want to reap the full …

What You Need To Know Now About CBD Oil & Functional Mushroom Blends

A blend of functional mushrooms and CBD oil is a new wave in the industry that has caught users by surprise. While many are willing to try this new trend, they are often not aware of what it entails and the potential benefits that may come along with it. So, read on to find more about CBD oils and CBD gummies Canada online!
What are functional mushrooms?
Functional mushrooms are known to bring psychoactive and medicinal effects when consumed. The feeling ranges from making someone feel relaxed to altering one’s perception of …

Do Mushroom Gummies Really Work?

CBD Gummies are fast becoming popular and mushroom gummies are not too far behind with their promise of enhanced focus and better health. Since fungi are ubiquitous, it makes perfect sense that mushrooms are quickly becoming the latest food trend, from salads and garnishes to beverages and even smoothies. Mushrooms have been used in meals for decades, but with the advent of new ways to utilise medicinal mushrooms, their usefulness is now evolving. Now you may ask, why are these Best CBD Gummies suddenly popular? A wild guess would be their potential for health …

What Exactly Are Mushroom Gummies?

With the omnipresence of fungi these days, it is no wonder that mushrooms have quickly gained traction for being not only palatable mixes to salads, side dishes, and even smoothies but also being among the most potent medicinal agents in the world. Furthermore, mushrooms lately have been incorporated into health and wellness products alongside CBD gummies in the form of similarly chewable nutritional supplements.
Despite the gradually increasing trend of buying the best cbd gummies online, most people still have no idea what they are specifically and …

What You Need to Know About Functional Mushrooms and CBD

You’ve heard of the benefits of CBD oil from the ExhaleWell hemp store, but do you know that several functional mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes? Besides the common white mushroom, plenty of other types have gained widespread use with adults and children. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the most popular mushroom and how they intertwine with CBD.
Shrooms in holistic therapies
The popularity of shrooms in holistic therapies for centuries, just like CBD has led to a growing number of products that are made with their …

What Is the Effect of Dogs Eating Shrooms

You probably know that CBD Oil for Dogs is effective in treating pain, especially when used moderately. But what about psychedelic mushrooms? Do they have the same effects as they do on humans? Let’s find out.
Why do dogs eat Psychedelic mushrooms?
Mushrooms are not a major source of food for dogs. They are not a common item in the dog’s diet and are only occasionally found in the gut contents. There can be times, however, when dogs will ingest enough hallucinogenic mushrooms to cause hallucinations, which can be …

Mushroom Versus Cannabis: A Detailed Comparison

There are several differences between a mushroom and cannabis. While they both have many psychoactive effects and even share some similarities, there are differences in their effects on the human body.
Let’s find out what those are and more in this article.
The Difference Between Cannabis and Mushrooms
Cannabis contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol), which are the two most well-known compounds that are mainly derived from the CBD flower. THC is responsible for producing the high effect you get when you consume it…

Impact of Smoking Marijuana Rich in CBD on Driving Ability

According to recent research, there were no significant effects on any driving capabilities and vital signs after smoking cannabis rich in CBD. The impact was even clearer even when the participants exceeded the THC levels in their blood. The researchers aimed at investigating the effects of taking marijuana products rich in CBD on driving safety.  
The possible risks that may arise while consuming marijuana rich in CBD were also investigated to offer the information to the drivers. With this study, the relevant authorities get a chance to learn more about road…

How Marijuana Improves Orgasms and Sexual Function among Young People

A recent study shows that young people who consume marijuana and alcohol have improved sexual performance and better orgasms than those who abstain. The scientific research on the effects of drinking alcohol and sexual functioning is contradictory. This is why the team of researchers came up with a new study to analyze these effects by conducting three major surveys. 
The surveys were majorly meant to detect changes in one’s sexual functioning and the potential risks associated with drinking alcohol and marijuana use. The survey showed that the sexual function…

Avoid Feeding Donkeys Marijuana Buds

A recent study shows that feeding donkeys marijuana buds are not recommendable. The Journal of Veterinary Investigation reported that donkeys fed on edible marijuana had their hearts beating abnormally and were lethargic. The symptoms lasted for at least 40 hours before being taken to the vet. 
The journal continued to state that the donkeys took longer to cool down from the high feeling compared to their human counterparts. In most instances, the marijuana toxicosis is witnessed by most animal vets. But with the availability of marijuana, there has been a …