Avoid Feeding Donkeys Marijuana Buds

A recent study shows that feeding donkeys marijuana buds are not recommendable. The Journal of Veterinary Investigation reported that donkeys fed on edible marijuana had their hearts beating abnormally and were lethargic. The symptoms lasted for at least 40 hours before being taken to the vet. 
The journal continued to state that the donkeys took longer to cool down from the high feeling compared to their human counterparts. In most instances, the marijuana toxicosis is witnessed by most animal vets. But with the availability of marijuana, there has been a …

How CBD Enhances Arts and Crafts

CBD Contains elements associated with improving physical and mental health, especially among athletes. Understanding the entire concept will help one utilize CBD properties to improve people’s lives. 
According to the report, artists strain so much when trying to maintain their physical and mental health. Below is how CBD improves your art and craft;
Open to New Ideas-Marijuana is associated with having features that can open one’s mind. Therefore, a THC user is more susceptible to coming up with new ideas…